GK Capsule 2019 for IBPS SBI NIACL Exams Important Questions for All Bank Exams

Check IBPS SBI GK CAPSULE 2019 (Hindi and English) - IMPORTANT QUESTIONS FOR IBPS PO SO CLERK RRB, SBI PO Clerk NIACL ETC. All Exams Competition Booster
Here is IBPS SBI General Awareness (GK) Capsule to increase your marks. Here you will find a huge collection of important questions of General Knowledge and PDF download. The GK Capsule is provided here will definitely boost candidates marks in the upcoming PO, Clerk etc. exams.
These type of questions are very important to remember as most of them are the basic questions that every competitive exam aspirant must know if he/she want to qualify. In most of the competitive exams, these types of questions are asked. They forms the basics of General knowledge in any competitive exam. SBI is going to organize Main Exam for Probationary Officer posts. Also NIACL AO Mains is to be held shortly. The GK capsule for these SBI PO, NIACL AO, Dena bank PO, BOB PO exams is provided below. The following General knowledge (GK) questions and topics and downloadable pdf of gk power capsules given will surely be helpful for upcoming exams.

IBPS SBI GK Capsule 2019 in Hindi & English - Important Questions for Upcoming IBPS PO Clerk and SBI PO Clerk NIACL Assistant Exam

List of Filmfare Award Winners 2019: Important GK Questions for SSC IBPS SBI etc. Comp. exams
Best Film: Raazi
Best Actor in a Leading Role (Male): Ranbir Kapoor for Sanju Movie
Best Actor in a Leading Role (Female): Alia Bhatt for Raazi Movie
Best Debut Actor Award (Female): Sara Ali Khan for Kedarnath Movie
Best Debut Actor(Male): Ishaan Khatter for Beyond The Clouds
Best Director: Meghna Gulzar for Raazi
People's Choice Award for Best Short Film: Plus Minus

List of Oscar Award Winners 2019
Best Film: Green Book
Best Actor in Leading Role: Rami Malek
Best Actress in Leading Role: Olivia Coleman
Best Foreign Film: Roma
Best Director: Alfonso Curon (Roma)
Best Animated Short Film: Bao

A List of Indians Nobel Prize Winner: 
1. Rabindranath Tagore - 1913
2. C.V.Raman-1930
3. Dr. Hargobind Khorana - 1968
4. Mother Teresa - 1979
5. Subramanian Chandrashekar - 1983
6. Dr.Amatya Sen - 1998
7. Dr.Venkataraman Ramakrishnan - 2009


Bhangra - Punjab.
Bharatanatyam –Tamil Nadu.
Bihu - Assam.
Chau - Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa.
Dandiya Dance : Gujarat.
Dindi Dance : Maharashtra.
Garba : Gujarat.
Ghoomar Dance : Rajasthan.
Gidda : Punjab.
Kathak : North India.
Kathakali : Kerala
Kuchipudi : Andhra Pradesh.
Lavani/Tamasha : Maharashtra
Manipuri : Manipur
Mohini Attam or Mohiniyattam:  Kerala.
Odissi : Orissa.
Sattriya: Assam
Kathakali: Kerala
Bharatanatyam : Tamil Nadu
Manipuri - Manipur

Important GK Questions on Indian Sports and Their Trophy / Cups - National and International

Here are important topics and gk material that will boost your knowledge. The direct link to download IBPS General Knowledge Capsule is already provided above that covers many topics. However, the below given general awareness questions will increase your gk and help you score more in IBPS exam.
1. Sports Trophies / Cups for Hockey
Dhyan Chand Trophy
Modi Gold Cup
Gurmeet Trophy
Gura Nanak Cup
lndira Gold Cup
Beighton Cup
Bombay Gold Cup
Agha Khan Cup
All-India Women’s Guru Nanak Championship
Kuppuswamy Naidu Trophy
Lady Rattan Tata Trophy
MCC Trophy
Murugappa Gold Cup
Gyanuati Devi Trophy

2. Sports Trophies / Cups for Basketball
Bangalore Blues Challenge Cup

3. Sports Trophies / Cups for Table Tennis
Barna-Bellack Cup

4. Sports Trophies / Cups for Weight-lifting
Burdwan Trophy

5. Sports Trophies / Cups for Athletics
Charminar Trophy

6. Sports Trophies / Cups for Football
D. C. M. Cup
Durand Cup
Bandodkar Trophy
Chakoia Gold Trophy
F. A. Cup
I. F. A. Shield
Dr. B. C. Roy Trophy : Football (Junior)

7. Sports Trophies / Cups for Badminton
Agarwal Cup
Chadha Cup
Divan Cup
Narang Cup

8. Sports Trophies / Cups for Cricket
G. D. Birla Trophy
C. K. Naydu Trophy
Deodhar Trophy
Duleep Trophy
Ghulam Ahmed Trophy
lrani Trophy
Moinuddaula Gold Cup

9. Sports Trophies / Cups for others
Holkar Trophy : Bridge
Ezra Cup : Polo
Jawaharlal Challenge : Air Racing
Jaswant Singh Trophy : Best Services Sportsman

Important SSC IBPS SBI etc. Competitive Exams GK Questions

India - National ......

National song - Vande Mataram, composed by Bankimchandra Chatterji in Sanskrit
National flower - Lotus
National Bird - Indian peacock
National Anthem - Jana-gana-mana, composed originally by Rabindranath Tagore in Bengali, was adopted in its Hindi as the national anthem on 24 January 1950 and first sung on 27 December 1911 at the Calcutta Session of Congress.
National Animal - Tiger
National Fruit - Mango
National Bird – Peacock
National Game - hockey
National Tree - Banyan tree
National Emblem – Ashok Chakra
National Song - Vande Matram

These are all for India.

Now below is the GK questions for National and International Importance for SSC IBPS RBI SBI etc. Bank and other competitive exams.

Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research– Uttar Pradesh
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre - Thumba
International Criminal Court - Hague
Internal Security Academy - Mount Abu
Father of Panchayati Raj - Balwanth Rai
First Indian Woman President of Indian National Congress - Sarojini Naidu
First Woman President of Indian National Congress - Annie Basent
Headquarters of SBI - Mumbai

Man-made Lake in India - Nagarjuna Sagar
Founder of Ghadar Party - Lala Hardayal
First Municipal Corporation in India - Madras
First post office in Kerala - Alappuzha
State with least forest area - Punjab
First train started in India - 1853
India's first metro rail - Kolkata
Father of Indian Railway - Lord Dalhousie
Longest Railway Tunnel in India - Pir Panjal in Jammu & Kashmir
India's first electric train service - Between Bombay's Victoria Terminus and Kurla.
India's first electric train service started – 3 February, 1925
Language of Andhra Pradesh - Telugu
Headquarters of Northern Railway - New Delhi
Largest Commercial Bank in India - State Bank of India
Indian state has no Railway line – Meghalaya
Hitech City of India - Hyderabad
First Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Yashwantrao Chavan
Financial capital of India - Mumbai in Maharashtra

1. Tallest in India: 

Tallest river – Ganga
Tallest Animal – Giraffe
Tallest Door (derwaza) – Buland derwaza
Tallest jalparpat – Garsoppa /Joog
Tallest minaar – Kutub minaar
Tallest Road – Leh – Manali road
Tallest statue (Murti) – Gomatesawer
Tallest Dam – Bhakhada dam
Tallest Mountain peak – Godwin austein
Tallest Lake – Devtaal Lake

2. Biggest in India:

Biggest Zoo – Zoo of Kolkata (Zoological garden)
Biggest Gurudewara – Golden temple Amritsar
Biggest cave (guffa) Mandir – Kalish mandir (Alloera)
Biggest Delta – SunderVen
Biggest Animal Fair (mela) – Sonpur (Bihar)
Biggest natural port (Bendergaah) – Mumbai
Biggest Desert – Thaar (Rajsthan)
Biggest Liver dam – Howrah Setu (Kolkata)
Biggest Lake (khara panni ki) – Chilaka Lake Odisha
Biggest Lake (Mittha panni ki) – Vullar Lake Kashmir
Biggest Masjid – Jama masjid (Delhi)
Biggest Platform – Gorakpur U.P

NPA - A Big Problem for Banking Sector
Brief about NPA, Gross Non Performing Asset

3. Longest in India

Longest Dam – Hirakund dam (Odisha)
Longest National Highway – Varanasi to Kanyakumari (Highway No– 7)
Longest Railway line – Jammu to Kanyakumari
Longest dam on road – Mahatma Gandhi Setu (Patna)
Longest Road – Grand trunk road
Longest mine (Surang) – Jawahar Surang (Gujrat)

Other Important GK Questions:
Percent of Earth covers by India – 2.4
The southernmost point of peninsular India – Kanyakumari (North of equator)
Peninsular India Soil type – Red Soil
Garampani sanctuary - Diphu, Assam
India’s highest Annual rainfall – Mawsinram (Meghalaya)
India's first Technicolor film producer - Sohrab Modi
The salal project is on river – Chenab
Indian State having largest forest cover – Madhya pradesh
India largest deposits - Mica
Irrigated land in India – 35%
Indian zone rich in iron and gold – Southern zone
Indian Agriculture type – subsistence agriculture
Redcliff line – India and Pakistan
Dilwara Temples - Rajasthan
Indian Institute of Science - Bangalore
Central Arid Zone Research Institute - Rajasthan
National Institute of Nutrition - Hyderabad
Garden City of India - Bangalore
Indian Cancer Research institute - Mumbai
Golconda Fort - Telangana
National Institute of Community Development - Hyderabad
National Science Centre - Delhi
First university of India - Nalanda University
Largest producer of Muga silk - Assam
First Indian institute of Management - Kolkata
Oldest Vedic literature - Rig Veda
White City - Udaipur
Founder of Agra - Sikander Lodi
Autobiography of Mary Kom - Unbreakable
Smallest Population state - Sikkim
Highest literate rate state - Kerala
Lowest literate rate state - Bihar
Founder of Brahma Samaj - Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Father of the Indian National Congress - Allan Octavian Hume
Dance forms in Andhra Pradesh - Kuchipudi
Dance forms in Kerala - Kathakali
Father of Carnatic Music - Purandara Dasa
First polio-free district - Pathanamthitta
World Health Day - April 7
Largest state of India - Rajasthan

Here are some of the most important GK topics question's answer, download links that will help you increase your marks in IBPS, SBI and other Bank exams.

Check list of Cabinet Ministers - One question is definitely asked in IBPS, RBI, SBI exams.
Famous athletes and their Games - 1, 2 or 3 questions.

IBPS PO GK Capsule
IBPS Clerk GK Capsule

SBI PO GK Capsule
SBI Clerk GK Capsule
BOB GK Capsule

Please note that one of the important link having GK topics and their solution is given above. Please visit that page and read this page content improve your marks.