How to qualify NEET exam 17 tips to help you clear NEET test

National Eligibility-cum-Entrance test (NEET) is the entrance test for MBBS, BDS, BAMS and VHMS. Every year, lakhs of students applies for this test but most of them are not able to secure enough marks for admission to these courses. Some candidates fails due to lack of knowledge and some fails due to time limitation. So here are some important tips for those students who want to qualify NEET test. These tips will surely help you clear the hurdle of this test. Here are the tips…

How to qualify NEET exam - 17 tips to help you clear NEET test

1. Collect all the details of NEET type.

2. Collect and study 11th and 12th books deeply of physics, chemistry and biology subjects.

3. Focus more on biology, then physics and chemistry.

4. Make notes of all these books and underline important terms in the books.

5. Always keep in mind the points to remember of each unit.

6. Also practice objective types questions after completing the lessons or unit given at the end of each unit or chapter.

7. Also study separate objective types question books of all these subjects.

8. Also practice previous years question paper as they help a lot.

9. Make a time table of your study and work according to this study plan.

10. Study for at least 10 hrs a day for a year.

11. Remember deep concentration, your will, discipline and interest are the key to success.

12. Build practice of solving the questions faster. For that, practice more and more.

13. In the paper, only do those questions which you are sure about. Never attempt those questions in which you have some doubt. Remember there is negative marking in the paper.

14. In the paper, attempt as many questions as you can but only do those questions in which you are sure about.

15. In the paper, always start from a section in which you have full strength.

16. In the paper , attempt easy questions of the whole paper first and then solve those question in which you may find some difficulty.

17. In the paper, never stay on a question in which you have some doubt. Move to the next question quickly. You should solve doubtful questions later.