HSSC Female Supervisor Answer key 19.11.2017 Advt no. 7/2016 Cat. no. 17

HSSC Female Supervisor Answer key 19.11.2017 Advt no. 7/2016 Cat. no. 17: Here you can check HSSC Supervisor (Female) Answer key 2017 for all sets question papers. Haryana Staff Selection Commission conducted written examination for the posts of Female Supervisor (Anganwadi Supervisor) which are advertiseed in advt no. 7/2016 Cat. no. 17.

HSSC Female Supervisor Answer key 2017 Advt 7/2016 Cat. no. 17 Exam date 19.11.2017

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Unofficial Answer keys to questions asked in Female Supervisor Exam (19.11.2017):
  • Which Famous Personality Associated with Mokhra Village of Rohtak: Sakshi Malik
  • Which Chief Minister of Haryana became Deputy Prime Minister: Devi Lal
  • All of the following states of Haryana has its boundry with Uttar Pradesh except: Penchkula
  • The river is natural barrier between Haryana and Uttar Pradesh states: Yamuna
  • Which of the following constituency belongs to SC category: Shahbad
  • Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev was born in which district of Haryana: Mahendragarh
  • Which of the following minister is associated with constituency Indri: Karan Dev Kamboj
  • Chhilchhila Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district: Kurukshetra
  • Chief Minister Ratan Award is associated with: Industrial Labour
  • Charkhi Dadri is 22nd district of Haryana, which falls under division: Rohtak
  • In Haryana Legislative Assembly who is Honourable Speaker: Kanwar Pal
  • Aravalli Ranges are an example of: Residual Mountains
  • The nearest planet to Earth is: Venus
  • The first State in India to formulate a law to Punish Social Boycott is: Maharashtra
  • In the Parliament of India Upper House is known as: Rajya Sabha
  • Who was honored with 2017 Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award: Javed Akhtar
  • When white light passes through a prism, it splits in ..... colours: 7 (Seven)
  • The annulment of Partition of West Bengal was done in: 1911
  • Which Government has introduced the code of Criminal Procedure Bill in 2017: Gujarat
  • The first international consumer protection conference on empowering consumers in new markets for South, South-East and East Asian countries was held in: New Delhi

Q: Choose the same relation:
Answer: A4K2I
Q: Kruti is the only girl child of his parents. If the person is the son-in-law of her father, how is she related to him:
Answer: Wife
Q: If B=1 and BELOVE =61, then VECTOR=?
Answer: 83
Q: In a line of 25 students, Rohit stood at 15th position from left and Karan stood at 15th position from right. How many students would be there between Rohit and Karan?
Answer: 3
Q: Arrange the given words in the meaningful sequence:
1. Frog
2. Cow
3. Dog
4. Giraffe
5. Ant
Answer: 5 1 3 2 4

Q: Complete the series: 5, 15, 45, ---, 405?
Answer: 135
Q: The LCM of 16, 24, 36 and 54 is ?
Answer: 432
Q: If Sq. Root of (1+x/144)=13/12, then the value of x is?
Answer: 25
Q: The average of a man and his son is 40 years. The ratio of their ages is 11:5 respectively. What is the son's age:
Answer: 25 years
Q: Three-fourth of a number is 60 more than its one-third. The number is?
Answer: 144
Q: 65% of a number is 21 less than (4/5)th of that number. The number is?
Answer: 140.
Q: If 2A=2B=2C then A:B:C is equal to?
Answer: 6:4:3
Q: The surface area of a cube is 1734 Sq. Cm. Its volume is?
Answer: 4913
Q: The area of a rectangular carpet is 120 sq. m. and its perimeter is 46 m. Then the length of the carpet is ?
Answer: 15 m.
Q: What is the other name of bio-catalyst used by organisms?
Answer: Enzymes

Amoeba was discovered by - Answer: Rosenholf
What is the chemical formula for Zinc Sulphate: ZnSO4
Which of the following represents Calcium Carbonate: Limestone
What is the name of the property by which thin wires can be drawn from metals - Ductility
Green Algae is - Producer
What converts mechanical energy into electrical energy - Dynamo
Which of the following is equivalent to milliampere - 10^-3 ampere
The region surrounding a magnet, in which magnetic force can be detected is called ------ - Megnetic field.

Ahmedabad is famous --- its textile mills - for
--- is a person who presents radio or tv programme - Anchor
--- is a person employed to drive a private or hired car - Chauffeur
Dwelling - Abode
Crazy - Sane
Gloomy - Cheerful

Second Battle of Panipat was faught in the year - 1556
Being famous in the production of Basmati rice, which district of Haryana is known as "Dhaan-ka-Katora" - Karnal

Official answer keys are available at link below.

The written exam for Female Supervisor posts was held on 19 November 2017. You can check answers of questions asked in Female Supervisor exam 19-11-2017 on this page.

The posts are of Supervisor (Female) in Woman & Child Development Department, Haryana and the exam was held on 19.11.2017. Now answer keys are to be released by HSSC. Below you can check answer key of HSSC Female supervisor exam held on 19 Nov 2017.

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