MP Vyapam Dairy Federation Syllabus 2017 - MPCDF Syllabus Test Scheme

MP Vyapam Dairy Federation Syllabus 2017 Exam Patter Test Structure - MPCDF Syllabus Test Scheme
MP Vyapam will conduct recruitment test for MP State Co-operative Dairy Federation Limited (MPCDF). The test will be of objective type having 150 questions each carrying 1 mark. The recruitment test is to be held for Manager, Operator, Supervisor, Assistant etc. posts. Here you can check MPCDF Exam Syllabus, Test Pattern details. This will let candidates who had applied, know what is going to be asked in the MPCDF Exam.

MP Vyapam Dairy Federation Syllabus Exam pattern - MPCDF Syllabus 2017

Here is the detailed syllabus and exam pattern of MPCDF exam.
MP Vyapam Dairy Federation (MPCDF) Exam Pattern
Sr. No. Exam Time Max. Marks
1 Paper 1 (for 1st, 2nd grade posts 2 hours 150
2 paper 2 (for 3rd grade 2 hours 100

Four options will be given for each question. Candidates have to select one answer and mark it in the OMR sheet provided, with black ball point pen.

MPCDF Syllabus - MP Dairy Exam Syllabus 2017

MPCDF Syllabus

(A) Paper Total 150 Marks
(i) General Awareness & General Aptitude / Reasoning - 40 marks
(Graduation level)
(ii) General Knowledge about Madhya Pradesh - 35 marks
(Graduation level)
(iii) ADMINISTRATION: 10 marks
1. Human Resource Management & Organization Behavior.
2. Industrial Relations & Labour laws.
3. Human Resource Planning.
4. Management Control System.
5. Wage and Salary Administration.
6. Research Methodology for Management Decisions.
7. Organizational Design, Development and Change.
8. Personality Development.
9. EPF, ESI, Bonus & Gratuity Acts, Factory Act, Contract labour Act.
10. Principles and Practices of Management.
MPCDF Syllabus
(iv) FINANCE: 10 marks
1. Details of Assets and Liabilities shown in Balance Sheet.
2. Treatment of loss/profit in Balance Sheet.
3. Different types of share Capital.
4. Accounting of capital assets purchased from Grant-in-aid.
5. Difference between revenue expenditure and capital expenditure.
6. Depreciation - need - methods of depreciation.
7. Working capital - Meaning - Details of current assets and current liabilities.
8. Ratios related to Working Capital. Determination/calculation of working capital.
9. Movement of current assets and current liabilities - its effects on working capital.
10. Statutory Audit - Supplementary audit - Internal audit - Concurrent audit Pre-audit.
11. Taxation- VAT, Entry Tax, Income Tax, Sevice Tax , Professional Tax.
(v) MARKETING: 10 marks
1. Marketing Strategy 2. Consumer Behaviour 3. Advertising and Sales Promotion
4. Sales Management 5. Marketing Management
(vi) Production: 09 marks
1. Plant Operation: Reception of milk, Pasteurisation (Processing), Homogenisation,
Recombination, Reconstitution, sterilization, Standardisation using Pearson Square
formula, Milk Packaging, Manufacturing of Ice-cream, Cheese, SMP and Ghee,
Indigenous milk products, Storage, Distribution, After sales feedback
MP Dairy Federation Syllabus
2. Dairy Engineering: Preventive maintenance of dairy equipment & machinery,
Breakdown maintenance of dairy equipment & machinery, Refrigeration cycle, Boilers
and their types, Water Softners, Milk Packaging Machine, Maintenance of
transportation vehicles(tankers/insulated van etc.), ETP Operation
(vii) Purchase and Inventory Management: 10 marks
1. FIFO system 2. LIFO system
3. ABC analysis 4. Purchase System and Procedure
5. Inventory Management 6. Stores Management
7. Standardisation and Variety reduction
(viii) Quality Control: 09 marks
1. Grading of milk
2. Testing (chemical) Fat. SNF, Acidity, COB, Organolaptic, Alcohol Test,
Phosphatare of milk.
3. Testing (Bacteriological) SPC, Coliform, MBRT of milk.
4. Detergent Strength Testing.
5. Milk Product Testing (Cheese, Cream, SMP, T.B. etc.) Chemical and
6. ETP Testing (testing of dairy effluent)
MPCDF Exam Syllabus, Pattern
(iX) M&P , MIS, Programming 09 marks
1. Data Structures and Algorithms.
2. Object oriented Programming languages.
3. Web technologies.
4. Advanced Concept In Database Systems.
5. E-Commerce and Governance.
6. Complete Knowledge of .Net & MS SQL server.
7. Planning: Project Planning, conceptualization and preparation, Strategic plan or
corporate policies. Annual Plans / Quarterly Plans / Monthly Plans / Business
8. Management Information Systems.
(x) Field Operation: 08 marks
1. Plant Propagation by Horticultural Method.
2. Physiology: Plant growth and development. Harmon's: Plant growth regulators
Phoperiodism, Vernalisation and Dormancy.
3. Environmental Biology: Ecology, Eco system, Eco system Mineral cycling and
Hydrological cycle.
4. Plant Communities and Succession.
5. Ecological Adaptation: Hydrophytes and Xerophytes.
6. Plant Ecological Factors.
7. Conservation of Nature.
8. Co-Operative Revolution & its development in India.
9. Cooperative & Principles of Co-Operatives.
10. Three tier Structure of DCS.
11. Special Features of Anand Pattern.
12. Construction of Milk DCS & its Advantages.
13. Organization of DCS and its advantage.
14. Women Participation in Co-Operative dairying.
15. Importance of By-pass protein and Chelated minerals for dairy cattle.
16. Minerals and vitamins: functions, requirement and deficiency symptoms in
cattle and buffaloes.
17. Balanced ration: desirable characteristics and computation of ration for cattle
and buffaloes.
G K about Madhay Pradesh, General Aptitude and Reasoning - 100 marks (10+2 Level).
This is the official syllabus of MP Dairy Federation Exam. To download its pdf, you have to download the advertisement.