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Previous Haryana Government had put several guest teachers in the schools of Haryana.

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सरप्लस गेस्ट टीचर की सुनवाई - 11.07.2016
सरप्लस गेस्ट टीचर को रहत की साँस । सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने सरकार को नियमित भर्ती तक सेवाओं में रखने का आदेश दिया ।

Surplus Guest Teacher news 29.04.2016

हरियाणा सरप्लस गेस्ट टीचर मामला, आज बहस पूर्ण होने पर कोर्ट ने फैसला सुरक्षित रख लिया है

31.03.2016: High Court had ordered to Haryana Government to give Joining letters to Guest Teachers as soon as possible.

14.03.2016: 3581 सरप्लस अतिथि अध्यापको की अगली सुनवाई 22 मार्च 2016 को होगी । 03.03.2016: हरियाणा गेस्ट टीचर भर्ती में अगली तारीख 21 मार्च 2016 मिली है ।
Now there are two options remaining for Guest Teachers of Haryana.
1. To put petition in front of review bench.
2. Apply for fresh vacancies and take the benefits.

Now High court had given its decision against the Guest Teacher demands. Also Guest PGT & PRT will also be suspended / terminated.