SSC General Awareness Syllabus Detailed - Check SSC GK Syllabus of CGL CHSL Exam

Here you can see SSC General Awareness Syllabus of all SSC exams including CGL, CHSL etc. which is based on Previous Papers. This section syllabus given below is based on previous years pattern of questions. SSC GK Syllabus given here will let candidates know what to prepare in this sections. On which topics they need to grip more. Here is the detailed syllabus of Geography, History, Polity, Economics parts. GK section also have questions on current affairs, general science etc.


(a) SSC General Awareness Syllabus - Geography
World -
Solar system, Earth, Earth structure, Earth composition, waves, volcanoes, mountains, atmosphere, pressure, winds and types, humidity and related terms, cyclones, precipitation, clouds, deserts, climate, oceans, ocean currents, rivers and canal, major of river, canal, lakes, gulfs, oceans, smallest and biggest, continents and countries
India -
agriculture of India, Biosphere reserves of India, important crops of India, mineral resources of India, industries in India, power plants, transportation in India, railway manufacturing units, ports, nicknames of Indian places, Indian towns on river, hill stations, towns associated with industries, largest, highest, smallest and longest in India, monuments, borders of India


(b) SSC General Awareness Syllabus - History
Ancient India
The prehistoric period, indus valley civilization, vedic age, Religious movements, Magadha empire, Mauran empire, post mauran period pre gupta period, post gupta period, Dynasties and rulers in ancient India
Medieval India
Dynasties and rulers in medieval India, Delhi sultanates, religious movements of medieval period, Mughal empire, later Mughals
Modern India
Coming of the Europeans, expansion of British in India, Governor Generals and viceroys of India and main events during their period, revolt of 1857, Indian national movement, Important Dates and events.

(c)  SSC GK Syllabus - Polity
Historical Background of India, Making of the Constitution, Preamble of the Constitution, Salient Features of the Constitution, Fundamental Duties, Fundamental Rights, The Union and its territory, Union Executive, Parliament, Judiciary in India, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Important Amendments and Articles of the Constitution, Directive Principles of the State Policy, Citizenship, Commissions

(d)  SSC GK Syllabus - Economics
Economy: introduction, economy types, economy sectors, economy policy, salient features of Indian Economy, Indian Financial System, National Income, Planning in India, New Economic policy, Indian Fiscal system, Monetary policy, International Organizations, Banking in India, Agriculture, unemployment, poverty, Inflation, Budget, Population, Important terms etc.