NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2018 with New Exam pattern

Check NIACL assistants Syllabus 2018 with New Exam Pattern - New India Assurance Company limited (NIACL) conducts assistants exam. Those candidates who are preparing for NIACL assistants exam should prepare as per syllabus. If they prepare well for the exam, then they can easily qualify. And if they worked harder, then they might get better marks and increase their chances of getting selected. The candidates should prepare according to NIACL assistants Exam Syllabus 2018 given here for better preparation.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2018 with Exam Pattern

NIACL had introduced the 2 tier exam. Now there will be Pre & main Exam & a regional language test.NIACL assistant Exam Pattern - The online examination will comprise the following objective type multiple choice tests as stated below:

  • Pre Exam
  • Main Exam
There is a Regional Language test also to be conducted after main exam.

NIACL Asst. Preliminary Exam Syllabus & Pattern

NIACL Assistant Pre Exam
Sr. No. Name of Tests No. of questions Max. Marks Duration
1 English language 30 30 60 minutes
2 Reasoning Ability  35 35
3 Numerical Ability 35 35
Total 100 100

NIACL Assistant Main Exam Syllabus & Pattern:

There will be 5 sections.
1. Reasoning
2. English Language
3. Numerical Ability
4. General Awareness
5. Computer Knowledge
Every Section carries 50 marks and having 40 questions. Total marks will be 250 for 200 questions. Total time given is 2 hours.

Five choices will be given. One is to be chosen as answer by the candidate.
Negative Marking: ¼ for each mark question’s wrong answer.

The time for the test is 120 minutes. However candidates may have to be at the venue for approximately 180 minutes including the time required for logging in, collection of the call letters, going through the instructions etc. All the questions will be multiple choice.
All tests except test of English Language will be provided in English and Hindi.

NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2018
Candidates can also check sample questions asked in the examination from below. Also information handouts download links are also given below.
Reasoning : Questions will be asked from analogies, similarities and differences, spatial orientation, spatial visualization, problem solving analysis, judgment, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, syllogistic reasoning, arithmetic reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series, Symbol series, coding and decoding, statement conclusion.

Numerical Ability: Questions will be asked from Simplification, Average, Percentage, Time & Work, Area, profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Time & Speed, Investment, LCM / HCF, Age Problem and Date Interpretation question like Bar Graph, Pictorial Graph, Pie Chart.

English language: Fill in the blanks, Error Correction/ recognition, tenses, sentences rearrangement, comprehension, answering questions based on unseen passage, vocabulary, synonyms and antonyms usage, vocabulary & grammar.

General Awareness: Since this company is an assurance company, so some questions definitely be asked from insurance / assurance and banking. Questions will be asked from General Awareness, Current Affairs, Banking, Culture, Geography, Indian Economy, Finance, Economic News, Budget & Plans, Books and Authors, Awards and Honours, Sports, Science Inventions and Discoveries, Abbreviations / Full Forms, Important Days / Dates etc. topics.

Computer Awareness:
Fundamentals, History and Future of Computers, Shortcut keys, Computer abbreviation, Email, MS office, Internet, Basic Software & Hardware and their functionalities, Networking, etc.

This is the syllabus of NIACL assistants Exam for all sections. A total time of 2 hours is given to candidates for solving these 200 questions. You can attempt any question from 1 to 200 at any point of time within these 120 minutes.

NIACL Assistants exam Information handouts:

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NIACL Assistant Admit Card

NIACL Assistant Syllabus 2018

Sample Questions
This is a test to see how well you can think. It contains questions of various kinds. Here are some sample
Directions : In each of the following questions, there is a group of letters or words given. Four of the five are
alike in a certain way, while one is different. Find out the one which is different.
Q.1. In the series given below count each 5 which is not immediately preceded by 3 but is immediately
followed by 7. How many such 5’s are there ?
1 5 7 3 5 7 4 7 3 7 2 5 6 5 8 5 7 4 5 6 5 5 7 1 5 7 7 5 5
(1) 1 (2) 2 (3) 3 (4) 4 (5) 5
Q.2. The town of Paranda is located on Green lake. The town of Akram is West of Paranda. Tokhada is
East of Akram but West of Paranda. Kakran is East of Bopri but West of Tokhada and Akram. If
they are all in the same district, which town is the farthest West ?
(1) Paranda (2) Kakran (3) Akram (4) Tokhada (5) Bopri
Q.3. STAMMERING is related to SPEECH in the same way as DEAFNESS is related to which of the
following ?
Q.4. Madhav ranks seventeenth in a class of thirty-one. What is his rank from the last ?
(1) 13 (2) 14 (3) 15 (4) 16 (5) 17
Q.5. Sapling is related to Tree as -----
(1) Horse is related to Mare (2) River is related to Brook (3) Bud is related to Flower
(4) Student is related to Teacher (5) Tree is related to Furniture
Q.6. Which letter should be in place of the question mark in the following series ?
G H J M ? V
(1)    T (2) S (3) R (4) U (5) Q

This is a test to see how well you ‘know’ English. Your English language ability would be tested through
questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of a passage,
etc. Study and answer the sample questions given below. Please remember, in the test paper there may be
questions of several other types also.
Directions : Pick out the most appropriate word from amongst the words given below each sentence to
complete it meaningfully.
Q.1. He quickly glanced .............................. the book to find what it said about the Indian economy.
(1) at (2) through (3) in (4) to (5) over
Q.2. The counsel urged the court to ........................... down the obnoxious law.
(1) enact (2) enforce (3) cancel (4) strike (5) declare
Q.3. The local official ........................... the Minister of the situation.
(1) explained (2) warned (3) apprised (4) told (5) intimated
Directions : Read each sentence given below to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The
error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part of the sentence is your
answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘5’.
(Ignore errors of punctuations, if any)
Q.4. I am twenty / two years old / when I first / joined the bank. No error
 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Q.5. To the Hindus / the Ganga is / holier than / any other river. No error
 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Q.6. Of all the teachers / in our school / our class teacher / were very strict. No error
 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Directions : In each of the following questions select from amongst the five alternatives, the word nearest
in meaning of the word given in capitals.
(1) a guard (2) a hundred years (3) a very old man (4) hundred runs (5) hundredth anniversary
(1) conquer (2) smash (3) earn (4) brave (5) capture
Directions : In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word most
opposite in meaning of the word given in capitals.
(1) simple (2) weak (3) dull (4) angry (5) moron
(1) adequate (2) available (3) sluggish (4) negligent (5) intentional
In addition to the above questions, there will be a passage in English for comprehension. You will be asked questions based on the passage.

This test is designed to measure your awareness about the past and present events, socio economic
developments as well as awareness about developments in the Banking Industry etc.
Q.1. Which of the following financial institutions has introduced the ‘Know Your Customer’ guidelines for Banks ?
(1) IDBI (2) RBI (3) NABARD 4) SIDBI (5) Other than those given as options
Q.2. OSCAR awards are given for best performance in which of the following field ?
(1) Films (2) Literature (3) Sports (4) Science (5) Social Service
Q.3. Who among the following is the current Prime Minister of India ?
(1) Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (2) Shri Narendra Modi (3) Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
(4) Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (5) Other than those given as options

This test is to measure how fast and accurate you are in dealing with numbers.
Q.1. At 10 paise each, how many paise will 6 lemons cost ?
(1) 6 (2) 10 (3) 60 (4) 61 (5) 610
Q.2. Which of the following can be exact multiple of 4 ?
(1) 27114 (2) 58204 (3) 48402 (4) 32286 (5) Other than those given as options
Q.3-6. In each of the following questions one number is missing. The place where the number is missing is shown by a question mark (?). You have to find out which one of the answers shown against 1, 2, 3
and 4 can replace the question mark. If none of these four can replace the question mark, you will
indicate (5) i.e. ‘None of these’ as your answer.
Q.3. 42 + 73 + 137 = ?
(1) 352 (2) 252 (3) 242 (4) 142 (5) Other than those given as options
Q.4. 20 ×1/2  = ?
(1) 4 (2) 5 (3) 12 (4) 20 (5) Other than those given as options
Q.5. 0.7 × 0.5 = ?
(1) 35 (2) 0.35 (3) 0.0035 (4) 0.035 (5) Other than those given as options
Q.6. 15 : 25 : : 6 : ?
(1) 9 (2) 10 (3) 30 (4) 15 (5) Other than those given as options

This test is designed to measure your computer knowledge.
Q.1. ------------- is an output device of a computer.
(1) Printer (2) CPU (3) Monitor (4) Keyboard (5) CD
Q.2. What is the full form of RAM ?
(1) Random Adaptive Mouse (2) Random Adaptive Memory (3) Random Access Memory
(4) Random Access Mouse (5) Other than those given as options
Q.3. Pick the odd man out.
(1) Monitor (2) Keyboard (3) Floppy drive (4) Windows (5) Hard-disk drive

Candidates are advised to bring with them the following items at the time of exam.
(i) Call letter with photo affixed thereon and photo ID card in Original and photocopy as mentioned in
point 6 above.

(ii) One Ball point pen.