NIACL Assistant GK Questions asked in 17, 18 January 2015 exam

Check NIACL Assistant GK Questions - New India Assurance Company Limited conducted Assistants exam on 17.01.2015 & 18.01.2015. The insurance company had invited online applications for the posts of Assistants. The written test for these posts had been conducted on 17 & 18 January 2015 at various centres. Now the answer keys / GK Questions for this online exam had been released. Candidates can check NIACL Assistant Exam Answer keys 2015 from here.

NIACL Assistant GK Questions 2015 asked in exam

The exam was carried out on 17 & 18 January 2015. For this Main examination, GK Questions can be checked from below.
Candidates can check the questions asked in General Knowledge / computer awareness sections since the exam is online. These questions are based on memory. The answer keys and questions of New India Assurance Assistant Exam General Awareness and Computer Awareness section is given below.
NIACL Assistant GK Questions 18.01.2015 Evening Session Answer key:
What does C stands for in CP - Commercial
Currency of Spain - Euro
Chile capital is -  Santiago
Headquarter of UNEP - Nairobi, Kenya
Indian navy day is observed on - 4 December
Women's day is celebrated as birthday of - Sarojini Naidu.
John o' keefe won Nobel for - Medicine
Author of "one life is not enough" - natwar singh
The border line between India and china is known as - Mcmahon line
Vistara airlines started from - Ddelhi to Mumbai
Vice chairman of niti ayog - Arvind Pangariya
Union minister of steel, mines, labour - Narendra Singh Tomar
Tosho is - Tokyo Stock Exchange
The country having highest Carbondioxide emmission in the world - China.
BIS headquarter is situated at - Basel, Switzerland
"Pahal" scheme is related to - DBT of LPG
19th national youth festival held at - Guwahati, assam
One life is not enough book is authored by - Natwar Singh
Railways committee head - DK Mittal
Climate change summit held at - Lima, peru
Canada's central bank name - Bank of canada
Minimum capital for Health insurance - 100 crore
Payment bank minimum paid up capital is - One Lakh
Anirban lahiri is related to which game -  Golf
Which athelete Anand defeated to win London classics - Michael Adams
Dr. Samir ali bird sanctuary is at - GOA
Union minister for steel,Labour and mines - Narendra Singh Tomar
Who is not a regulator (among the given options) - IBA
Market regulator of index futures - SEBI
Largest company in India in terms of revenue - IOCL
UIIC's largest shareholder  - Central government.
1 Ques. from PIO

NIACL Assistant GK Questions 18.01.2015 Morning Session Answer key:
Full form of PIO - Person of indian origin.
Vienna is capital of - Austria.
Headquarter of ILO - Geneva.
Chairman of NITI ayog - Narendra Modi
DICGC is owned by - RBI
Gandhi Setu connects which two places - Patna and Hajipur.
3rd Sunday of January is celebrated in the memory of whom - Martin Luther King Jr.
Why Reserve Bank of India increases interest rates - To increase liquidity
Commodity market regulator is - Forward Markets Commission (FMC)
Union minister for heavy industries is - Anant Geete
Ankita raina belongs to which sport - Tennis
How much diseases are covered by Mission indradhanush - 7
Next NATO summit will be held at  - Warsaw
Winner of Abu Dabhi tennis championship - Andy Murray
In which field, Patrick Modiano got nobel award - Literature
Population of female in India as per census  - 586.46 million
Minimum capital required for white label ATMs' - 100 Crore
Vanbandhu kalyan yojna is for whom - Tribal peoples

NIACL Assistant GK Questions 17.01.2015 Morning Session Answer key:
Capital of Germany - Berlin.
NITI stands for - National Institute for Transforming India
Author of Dramatic Decade - Pranab Mukerjee.
Maitri project is in association with India and which country - France
World Consumer Rights Day is observed on - 15th March.
Sole re-insurance company of india - General Insurance Company
Extended date of submitting rupee notes printed 2005 - June 30 2015
External affairs minister of India - Sushma Swaraj
ING Vyasa bank merged - Kotak Mahindra
Good Governance Day is celebrated on the birthday of - Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Medicine Nobel prize -
Monthly composite index started by which bank - State Bank of India
Nikkei Stock Exchange is which country's exchange - Japan
Indian science conference held at - University of Mumbai
common wealth games 2018 will be held at - Gold Coast, Australia
J. Gutta is associated with  - Badminton
Share of Tata sons in vistara - 51%
Angara - A5 rocket launch by - Russia
Ambassador of 2015 Cricket world cup - Sachin Tendulkar
satpura ranges lies from - Gujrat to Madhya Pradesh

NIACL Assistant GK Questions 17.01.2015 Evening Session Answer key:
NATO full form - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
National Education Day - 11th November
Currency of Portugese - Euro.
In CAR, A stands for - Adequacy
Valdmir Putin visited - India
WTO headquarter is at - Geneva, Switzerland.Law minister of India - Dr. Sadananda Gowda
Niti Ayog was made in place of - Planning Commission
Author of And then One day is - Nasserudin Shah.
Border line b/w India & Pakistan is known as - Radcliffe
Age not applicable for open savings accounts - 10 yrs
IRDA is a - statutary body.
Central bank of China named as - Peoples Bank of China
Rama setu - Palk Strait (Sri Lanka).
To prevent money laundering - AML
Maharastra Governor presented Yash Chopra award to - Amitabh Bachchan.
1 Ques. on LIC Health insurance
1 Ques. on Sansad adharsh scheme
1 question on Deen Daya1 Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana
Grammy Awards is related to - Music
Chemistry nobel prize is given to - Willian Moerner, Erik Betzig and Stephen W. Hell
Small and payment bank paid up capital - 100 Crore
National education day whose birth day - Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad

NIACL Assistant GK Questions 17 & 18 January 2015 are posted here.