NIACL AO Answer keys 2015 GK Question

Check NIACL AO Answer keys 2015 GK Questions - New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) had conducted Administrative Officer Main exam on 10.01.2015 and 11.01.2015. The insurance company had invited online applications for the posts of Administrative officers. The written test for these posts was organized on 10 & 11 January 2015 at various centres. Now the latest news is that the answer keys (GK Questions) for this exam had been released. Those candidates, who had applied, can check their answer key from here.

NIACL AO Answer keys 2015 GK Questions asked in 10, 11 January 2015 Exam

Written exam was carried out on 10.01.2015. For this examination, answer keys can be checked from below.
NIACL AO Answer keys 2014 - Here we are posting New India Assurance AO Exam General Awareness Questions asked in online exam on 10.01.2015 and 11.01.2015.
NIACL AO Answer key - GK Questions 11.01.2015
Full form of NAV - Net Asset Value.
Capital of combodia - Phnom Penh.
Currency of Germany - Euro
Author of the NAMO story - Kingshuk Nag
World Energy Comservation day - 14 December.
Headquater of Interpol - Lyonn, France
In NRE, R stands for - Resident
Venue of SAARC summit 2014 - Kathmandu.
IT minister in Cabinet of Ministers is - Ravi Shankar Prasad.
Nobel Prize in Economics - Jean Tirole.
Forward market commission is - Statutory body.
“Good Governance Day” celebrated on the birthday of - Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Madan Mohan Malviya
NICL max share owned by whom - Govt. of India
“Ebola” named after - A river in Democratic Republic of Congo
PV Sindhu defeated whom to win Macau Open - Kim Hyo Min.
Big Cinemas is now owned by which group - Carnival Group.
1 question on GDP -
One ques on PM Jan Dhan Yojna -
One question on sansad adarsh gram
yojna -

NIACL AO GK Questions 10.01.2015 Morning session
1. Full form of FIBA - International Basketball Federation
2. NEFT means - National Electronic Funds Transfer
3. Capital of Germany - Berlin
4. Buddha become god of all during whose period-
5. Currency of Greece -
6. Meaning of equity share.-
7. What does G stands for in GST - Goods and service tax
8. Galvanization is a process of -
9. Defence minister is - Manohar Parrikar
10. Fifa is related to which sports - Football
11. Biggest river of india is - Ganga (length - 2525 km)
12. Human Rights Day Celebrated on Which Day
13. Tuberculosis disease is due to -
14. ASEAN summit held in -
15. Telangana shares borders with - Andhra pradesh
16. Seamless tube is manufactured by which Process -
17. Potential Difference is -
18. Star life is counted by what
19. Krisna river flows in between which states
20. Fastest 1000 Runs Scored By Australian Player is -
21. The country which has highest literacy rate
22. PFRDA is which type of organisation -

Professional knowledge section

If 2 forces of 3 and 4 N are acting perpendicular to each other than their resultant force will be - 7
Transformer works on which principle - Electromagnetic
Second law of thermodynamics defines - Entropy.
Seamless tube making process is known as - extrusion
Carnot cycle efficiency depends on - Temperature
Work in free expansion process is - Zero
When 3 resistance of 8 ohm are connected in series, their total resistance will be - 24 ohm
If we add one more resistance in parallel arrangement, then effect will -
Main gases responsible for green house effect - Carbon dioxide and carbon mono-oxide
Chlorofluorocarbon releases which harmful gas for ozone layer - Chlorine.

GK Questions asked in 10.01.2015 Evening Session
ECGC full form- Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd.
Capital of Ireland - Dublin.
Currency of French Republic - Euro.
Antodya Diwas - 25th September
Physically handicapped Day - 03 December.
Venue of Euro 2016 - France
Who was awarded Asian of the year 2014 - Narendra Modi.
Majority of shares in UIIC -
In Kisan Vikas Patra, money will be doubled in - 100 months
UN Food Program Headquarter situated at - Rome, Italy.
BRICS Bank Headquarters - Shanghai, China
FAO Headquarters - Italy, Rome
Vishwanathan defeated whom to win in London Championship- Michael Adams
Kouron Space Station is situated at - French Guinea
Indira gandhi peace prize 2014- - ISRO
Hockey championship runner up - Pakistan
IRDA is what type of regulatory body- Statutory Body
Bhuwaneshwar Kumar is related to - Cricket
Deodhar trophy is related to which game - Cricket
Venue of World Snooker Championship - Crucible Theatre (UK)
Brazil Olympic 2016 mascot - Vinicius
Khajurao is situated at- Madhya Pradesh
Pillars of BASEL - II - Market Discipline