SBI Associate PO General Awareness Questions 2014 - SBI Associate PO Answer key

Check SBI Associate PO GK Questions 2014 (General Awareness / Banking Awareness / Marketing / Computer) asked in 9, 15, 23, 29 November exam, SBI Associate PO Answer key 2014
State Bank of India conducts Probationary officer exam for its associate banks at various centres across the country. Huge number of candidates have applied for these posts. Candidates can apply for probationary officer posts since educational qualifications required for these posts is graduation from a recognised university. Here we are providing General Awareness Questions asked in SBI Associate Bank PO exam conducted in the month of November 2014 on all dates. The below given GK ques. are important for upcoming exams as they will let the candidates understand the pattern of the test.

SBI Associate PO General Awareness Questions 2014 - SBI Associate Bank PO Answer key - GK / Banking / Marketing / Computer Awareness objective and descriptive ques.

Those candidates who are going to appear for upcoming exam of SBI Associate PO 2014 to be conducted in November 2014 and also for SBI PO 2015. These ques. will let them understand the pattern of General / Banking / Marketing Awareness questions ant for SBI Associate Probationary Officer and other Bank Exams. The test mode was online i.e. candidates have to select their answers from 5 choices given by computer.

SBI Associate PO GK Banking Marketing Questions 2014

Below are some of the General Awareness Questions asked in SBI Associate Bank PO 2014 exam (along with answers) conducted on various dates.
As far as the difficulty level is concerned, it was moderate to difficult. But it was not that hard if you have prepared well.

SBI Asso. PO GK/ Banking/ Computer Questions 30.11.2014 Evening Session

Full form of URL – Uniform Resource Locator.
Full form of UNHRC – United Nations Human Rights
Mpaisa related to – Vodafone.
Which is not MS office version among 2000,2003,2007,xp) - Xp
1 question on Sansad adarsh yojana-
Correct Early names of countries among the following - Mesopotamia –
Mpassbook SBI is – An electronic
application of a physical passbook for savings
and current accounts.

Descriptive Topics:
1. Letter
a. To the editor regarding increasing instances of cyber crimes in banking sector.
b. To Insurance Company regarding policy lapse as you were unable to fill premium for 2 months.
c. To bank manager for asking Loan.
2. Paragraph
a. Don't Judge a book by its cover.
b. Importance of self discipline.
3. Precise - Marketing and it's Scope in Banking
4. Passage - Related to Education Sector.
5. Essay - Risks in Banking Sector and Risk Management.

SBI Associate PO GK Banking Computer Awareness Questions of 30 November 2014 Morning Session

Here, we are providing you some of the GK, Banking and Computer Questions asked in 30.11.2014 Morning SBI Associate Probationary Officer Exam.

  1. CAR stands for – Capital Adequacy Ratio.
  2. Full form of PDA – Personal Digital Assistance.
  3. Full form of NIC- National Informatics Centre.
  4. SBI  and Mastercard launch – Multi currency Travel card
  5. Sizes of memory in Ascending  order -.
  6. The document which have all the conditions of the insurance is called -
  7. Tehri dam is situated in – Uttrakhand
  8. Dear money can be obtained by increasing what-
  9. Insurance company charges what to offer services to customer-
  10. Who is named grand old man of India - Dada bhai  Nairoji.
  11. Overdraft Facility in Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna - Rs 5000
  12. NEFT limit to Nepal – Rs 50,000
  13. Which country does not have pound word in its currency - one option is cyprus...
  14. Which combination of books  and authors is correct: two options were - 1. The suitable boy - Chetan Bhagat, 2. Midnight Children – Salman Rushdie
  15. Which of the following does not come in the product lifecycle: one option was given which was not from these - growth, decline, maturity, and introduction.
  16. Which of these entities have the maximum shareholding in Union bank of India-
  17. India was selected in which of these UN committees (choose from options given) - UNHRC
  18. Which is money market- Certificate of Deposits.
  19. Varsitha pension Bima Yojana is monitored by – LIC.
  20. In case of an accident, who pays money - Insurer / insurance agent and insurer / assured
  21. 1 question on 4p mix - answer is to choose from price, place , purpose etc
  22. What is the shortcut for making bold letters in MS word – ctrl + B.
  23. Short cut key to go to last line in the document – Ctrl+End
  24. 1 question on call money.
  25. One question on RuPay card -
  26. Which of these countries previous name is correct
Siam- Thailand
Burma- Myanmar
2 more options

SBI Associate Bank PO 29.11.2014 Evening Session GK Questions

What does E stands in EFT - Electonic
CAD - Computer Aided Design.
Who won gold medal in men"s badminton in CWG 2014 - Parupally Kashyap.
CRM - Customer Relationship Management.
Which day on 24 October - UN Foundation Day
Nobel Prize in Economics is given to - Jean Tirole
Who is President of China - Xi Jin Ping
Pt. Ravishankar is related to - Sitar
In MS Excel, shortcut of Row Hide is - Ctrl + 9.
Minimum Amount in Pension Account - Rs. 1000.
Rang Rasiya is based on life of - Raja Ravi Verma
Current Bank rate - 9%
Shortcut to Undo action - Ctrl + Z
IRDA is which kind of body - Insurance Companies Regulatory Body.
The Theme of Adarsh Gram Yojana -.
Mutual funds comes under which body - SEBI

Decriptive Questions -
Write a letter to editor regarding changing life and earn money instantly.
Essay- Banking is a business or service.
Paragraph - power as a responsibility.
Precise - on ethical banking.
Passage - on income tax.

More questions to be posted soon.

SBI Associate PO GK Banking Marketing Computer Awareness Questions 29.11.2014 Morning Session

Below are the General Awareness Questions, both of objective and subjective papers.
HTML Full Form - Hypertext Mark Up Language
CPI - Consumer Price Index.
MAC Full form - Media access control.
IFSC full form - Indian Financial System Code.
FMC stands for - Forward Market Commission.
Country - capital which one is correct - Indonesia - Jakarta
Nanhi Kali scheme from which bank- Bharatiya Mahila Bank.
Girl related scheme - SABLA
Author of New Life book - Orhan Pamuk, Guneli Gun
IRDA Headquarters situated at - Hyderabad
Banking ombudsman Scheme comes under which rule - 2006
Question on use of SLR.
Prime Minister of Japan - Shinzo Abe
Govt scheme for providing food to children - Mid Day Meal
What we do in Open market operation (OMO)
MS Word is - Application software
Who is going to break the all time record of 251 goals in football- - Messi
Brand equity is related to- Marketing
Transaction related stress to customer is known as-
HDFC Head office - Mumbai
Spreadsheet file format saved as- .xls
Board of governance committee.
Question on relation ship management
Inflation related committee
Some marketing questions related to pricing strategy
OMO Related - Government Securities.
Ques. on Brand equity
Which base replaced WPI- CPI
In 2011 census, which state had the lowest Female Literacy- - Haryana.

SBI Associate PO Descriptive questions 29.11.2014 Morning Shift
1. Letter for credit of 26lac.
2. Letter to editor urging not to use NOTA in elections !
3. Letter to bank for failed RGTS transaction.
4. Precise on social security
5. Essay on following -
a.recycling of waste
b.advantages of public banks over private banks.

SBI Asso. PO GK Questions 23.11.2014 Evening

1. Full form of HTML - Hyper text markup language.
2. T in CTSS stands for - time.
3. A in NPA - Assets
4. ASCII - American Standard Codes for Information Interchange
5. SEBI is - Market regulating Body
6. 1 question from countrys and there capital.
7. shortcut key to insert new documant- ctrl + n
8. 1 question from cabinet ministers.9. 5-7 questions were asked from marketing.
10. Which provide facility to use public network to transmit secret data- Virtual private network
11. One question from RTGS-
12. Shortcut for selection the all text- ctrl +a.
13. Full form of MTSS - Money Transfer Service Scheme
14. Minister for Tribal Affairs - Jual Oram
15. Which key is used to open a new workbook sheet - Ctrl+ N.
16. Router is a - Networking Device.
17. Minimum paid up capital for small banks - 100 crore.
18. Network speed is measured in - bits per second
19. Headquarters of allahabad bank - Kolkata.
20. Current chief economic officer - Arvind Subramanian.
21. USB - Universal Serial Bus.
Descriptive Questions -
1. Paragrapgh on online purchase and
consumer rights.
2. Essay on stable government is important for economic growth.
3. Precise writing on labour laws and

SBI Associate PO General Awareness (GK) Questions 23.11.2014 Morning Session

Here are the GK / Banking / Computer / Marketing / Descriptive questions asked in State Bank of India Associate Bank Probationary Officer Exam 23 November 2014 Morning Shift.

Author of the Book 'road to the deep north' that won Men's Booker award is - Richard Flanagan
West indies board cancelled series with india because of - Salary disputes between Players and WICB
Current Vice president of the USA - Joe Biden
Stages in Product Life Cycle - Introduction,Growth,Maturity and Decline
SEBI is which type of body- Market regulating Body
Name of the apex bank of USA- Federal Reserve Bank.
Current Secretary-General of the UN - Ban Ki-moon
Current Cheif Minister of Haryana- Monohar Lal Khattar
Current chief economic officer- Arvind Subramanian
First page of website is known as- Home Page
Ctrl+s used for- To save the document
Shit+delete used for ? To Permanently delete a file
1 ques. on Money market.
A in NPA stands for - Assets
Full form Questions -
ASCII- American Standard Codes for Information Interchange
USB- Universal Serial Bus
LAN - Local Area Network
BIOS?- Basic Input Output System
Descriptive Questions asked in today's exam
Letter writing: Letter to
1. Editor on electronic waste.
2. Your DTH operator for discontinuation of servive for 1 month as you are going to be out of station.
3. ISRO team to congratulate for the success of MOM mission.
Comprehension Passage - kalapalo tribe in Brazil.
Eassay writing question - Advantages and disadvantages of E-Commerce.
Paragraph writing - Is RBI willful defaulter norms hindering justice.

SBI Associate PO General Awareness Questions 15.11.2014 Morning and Evening Shift

Here are SBI Associate PO General Awareness, Computer, Marketing Questions asked in 15.11.2014 Evening session.

  1. full form of IFSC - Indian Financial System code.
  2. Economic affairs secretary is - Rajiv Mehrishi.
  3. ctrl+delete is used - to delete whole line to the right of the cursor.
  4. commercial paper can be issued for a maximum period of - 365 days
  5. Raghuram rajan got best gov central bank Governor award from - Euromoney magazine.
  6. Winner of men booker award 2014 - Richard Flanagan.
  7. Mutual funds in India follow accounting standards set by - SEBI.
  8. Commercial paper has a fixed maturity of no more than __ days - 270 days.
  9. Sbi launched minor account for childern above 10 years, the scheme is named as - Pehli Udaan
  10. Which key is used to reach at the end of the line in MS word - End
  11. How many digits in MICR code - 9
  12. one question was asked on inflation.
  13. Which forms internal body of an organisation - Employees
  14. Mortgage is - To use one's real property as a guarantee for a loan.
  15. What comes under packaging? - Quality of the code developed
  16. Full form of IC - Integrated Circuit
  17. The set of computer standards are known as - Protocols.
  18. Full form of ABSA - Applications Supported by Blocked Amount.
  19. Who won the Man Booker Prize 2014? - Richard Flanagan.
  20. Biography of tennis player Roger Federer is -  Roger Federer Story: Quest For Perfection
  21. Which channel bagged August 2014 Champions Tennis League broadcast rights - Sony Six
  22. Maximum time for credit of money transferred through RTGS - 30 Minutes
  23. India's missile Nirbhay was successfully test fired from - Chandipur, near Balasore in Orissa
  24. Recently TCS was in news with a company called - CMC Limited.

Here are SBI Associate PO GA, Computer, Marketing Questions asked in 15.11.2014 Morning session.

1. Full form of MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
2. Saina Nehwala and PV Sandhu Related to which game - Badminton
3. Jan Dhan Yojana Accidental Cover is - Rs. 1 Lakh
4. 1 Question on Post Shipment -
5. Command which is used to reverse recent action - Undo
6. Microsoft Excel workbook is a collection of - Spreadsheets
7. Raghuram Rajan won award by - Euromoney.
8. Full form of PPTP ? - Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol.
9. Author of 'Oath of Vayuputhras' - Ameesh Tripathi
10. Speed of a Microprocessor is measured in  - Ghz (Gigahertz)
11. Recession is - A period of temporary economic decline
12. Which is correctly matched country and capital among the following - Malayasia - Kuala Lumpur
13. Recently which airline was in news for purchase of 250 airbuses - Indigo Airlines
14. Head of Financial benchmark panel - Vijya Bhaskar
15. Which rate is decided by RBI under Monetary policy - Repo rate
16. 2nd generation computer were based on - Transistor.
17. One question related to consumer price index (CPI) -

15.11.2014 Evening Shift Descriptive Ques.
Letter writing -
1. Write a police complaint as you lost your wallet.
2. Write a letter to computer manufacturers for software upgradation of the computer of your bank.
3. Write a letter to your bank seeking loan for second home while your first home loan is not paid fully.
Precis Writing -
Rural poor women and Microfinance.
Reading Comprehension - Accounting related ques.
Essay Writing
Ways to handle rising earth's
Paragraph Writing -
1. Inflation.
2. Importance of segregation of dry and wet wastes.
3. Importance of hobbies.
Morning Session Descriptive questions -
1. Essay on NABARD as a boon for Agriculture Sector.
2. Paragraph writing -
(a) Corruption starts with mind
(b) Qualities to be successful in life
3. Precis on Merchant Banking
4. Passage on WTO (World Trade Organization) and Organic Food Issues in world
5. Letter to -
(a) BSNL Manager for Surrender of Land Line Phone
(b) To Press Reporter about increasing ratio of crime against women.

SBI Associate PO General Awareness Questions 09.11.2014 Evening Session

1. Full form of RRB - Regional rural Bank.
2. B in ECB stands for - Borrowings.
3. Upper limit of PPF account - 1.5 lakh
4. Oldest currency in the world - Pound
5. Which among the following is an insurance regulatory body - IRDA.
6. In which of the areas there is no 100% FDI - Railways.
7. Author of the book Final Test Exit Sachin
Tendulkar - Dilip D' Souza.
8. GNP (Gross National
Product) is -.
9. Rs.  5000 overdraft in Jan dhan will be applicable only
if the account is active for how much time -
10. What is the first step of buying ? - need recognition.
11. Inflation results in - Decrease in economic
activities of the country.
12. Water resource minister - Uma Bharti.
13. I have a dream slogan is given by which
American activist in his public speech ? - Martin Luthor King.
14. Which PSU is responsible for insurance over export -
Export Credit Insurance.
SBI Associate Bank PO Computer Awareness Questions
Which is not an output device -
Which of the following is a volatile memory -
Extension used for MS word documents - .doc and. docx.
Internet explorer is a - Browser.

SBI Associate 09.11.2014 Morning Shift PO GK Questions

Here are the GK quest. asked in 09.11.2014 SBI Associate PO Online exam.

Full form of PDF - Portable Document Format
Author of God of small thng writer - Arundhati Roy
NPS stands for - New Pension System
Regarding RBI policy for money -Know your Customers.
Share assignment -
Regulatory body of RRB is - NABARD
NBFC deals in - Non-Banking Finance.
World Rabies day - 28 September 2014.
1 ques. on Repo rate
Winner of Nobel piece award 2014 - Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay
who is related to tennis among - djokovic, federer, messi.
Interest on savings account is calculated on - Daily basis
Which place does not have Nuclear power plant among the following - kenya
Mutual funds are regulated by - SEBI - Securities and Exchange Board of India
what is pinging in computer networking - Packet InterNet Groper
Processor speed is measured in - Instructions per second
using two different brand names on single product is named - Co-branding
Ctrl + s in MS Word is used to - save file or document

Descriptive Paper Topics asked in 09 November 2014 Online Exam
Essay writing topic - IPL, ISL and Kabaddi, FDI in retail sector.
Write as short essay on turning point of your life
Comprehension and Paragragh related to UGC.
Letter to parents -

SBI Associate PO GK Questions 09.11.2014 Evening Shift Questions are to be released soon.
Those aspirants who are going to appear for upcoming SBI Associate or SBI or other competitive online exams, the above given qu. will help them to understand the type of exam quest. asked in this examination. Candidates can perform better and score higher if they prepare well along with these.