POSTAL ASSISTANT SALARY AND PAY SCALE - India Post commonly known as post office in India (website- conducts written exam for the recruitment of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant posts for its various operation. Lakhs of candidates apply for India Post recruitment of PA / SA posts. Those candidates who want to apply for these post should know what is the salary they might be getting if they are qualify the exam and got selected for this post.

For those candidates who want to apply for PA /SA Exam, Here is detailed salary structure of Postal/Sorting Assistant posts


Pay Scale: 5200-20200 GP 2400
Basic pay of PA / SA salary is = 9910
The Latest Dearness Allowance effective from February 2014 is 107 % of Basic Pay.
So Dearness Allowance of PA / SA salary is = 9910* 107%= 10604 [@107% DA]
So total pay (basic pay + DA)= Rs. 20514
Now HRA (House Rent Allowance) is to be added to the basic pay which is different for different cities in India. For top Metro cities (X class), HRA of 30% of Basic pay is given while HRA of 20% of basic pay is given to middle class cities (Y class) and 10% HRA is given to other cities (Z class). House Rent Allowance will be given 30% of Basic Pay if a candidate is posted in Metro city.


House Rent Allowance = 9910* 30%= 2973
1600+ (1600* 107%)= 3312 [TA calculation for A1 category city]
Transport Allowance is 1600+DA for 13 top cities only, otherwise it is 800+DA
In addition to these allowances, there might be some other allowance depending on the type of department you are posted. Those allowances will also be included in the salary
So Gross Salary @30% House Rent Allowance and 107% DA = 9910+ 10604+ 2973+ 3312= 26799 for X category city
Gross Salary @20% House Rent Allowance and 107% DA = 9910+ 10604+ 1982+ 1656= 24152 for Y category city
Gross Salary @10% House Rent Allowance and 107% DA = 9910+ 10604+ 991+ 1656= 23161 for Z category city
The Approximate Deductions are 2500-3000.
Net Cash in Hand PA/SA Salary = Rs. 22400-26000.
This calculation was of 2015. Now in 2018, the salary would have increased by 2000-4000 for a new recruit.