Time and work problems shortcuts trick type-2-Fast math tricks for solving questions faster

In the previous post of time and work shortcut trick type-1, we are given a question in which workers and hours and days of work are considered. But work is given same in that question.  So what if work is also considered in that type of question. Means work quantity is reduced or increased and we have to calculate what will be the work then with different workers, days of work and hours of work. I will explain it with example given below:

Q:- if 35 workers can build a 49 mts. wall working for 3 days daily. Then how much length of wall can 20 workers construct in 6 days working daily?

 Now in this question, we have to find out the quantity of work that can be done with different number of workers and different time. So the formula given in the previous post is modified a little for this type of question. The rule that this type of question will follow is given below:

If m1 workers does a w1 work working for d1 days , t1 hours daily and m2 workers can do w2 work working for d2 days, t2 hours daily, then
                m1d1t1/w1= m2d2t2/w2

now in the given question
m1=35 workers, d1=3 days, w1= 49 mts.
m2= 20 workers, d2=6 days, w2= ?

since t1 and t2 is not given, so we cancel it from the formula. So our formula becomes
                m1d1/w1= m2d2/w2
                (35*3)/49= (20*6)/w2
Or           w2= (120*49)/105
Or           w2= 56 mts.

So 20 workers working for 6 days will construct a wall which is 56 mts. Long. So the question becomes quite easy with the application of direct shortcut trick formula.

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