How to qualify SAT exam-5 important tips to prepare and qualify SAT exam

SAT is a standard test for taking admission in most colleges in the United States. It is developed by the college board in the United States. Every Year, Many students tries to qualify this exam but most of the student are not able to make it. So here are few tips that will help you to qualify this exam…

1.       Always prepare for the SAT exam from the best
books available from the market.
2.       Always read and prepare notes from the books.
3.       Always practice the previous year’s question papers.
4.       Work more on your weaknesses and know your strength.
5.       Always plan your study and make a time table of how you cover your sat syllabus.
6.     Daily solve at least 2 previous year's question papers putting yourself in the original situation as in the exam hall i.e. set time limit. 

In the paper,
1.       Always start from a section which is your strength and then move on to the tougher one.
2.       Divide the time for each section and each question and don’t spare more time on either section or a particular question.
3.       Never stuck on a particular question. Instead move on to the next one if you find any particular question tougher.
4.       Never be in a hurry while solving questions. You are more likely to forget questions while being in hurry.
5.       Solve as many question as you know but don’t do doubtful questions.